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26701-B Verdugo St | San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675 | 949-661-3400

Southern California
Christmas Luncheon
Saturday, December 3
11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Pat Fitzpatrick
Jeff Paige, Al Rogers, Jennifer  Paige and Gerri Burt
Pat & Frank Fitzpatrick with Bill &  Martha Shaver
Ross and Marilyn Willour
Cocktails before Lunch Just Seemed  Right!!
Steve Meyer
Jo Ann and Greg Bowman with Melissa  Rogers
Ron Hudnel, Marilyn Willour, The Rhoads
Ron Hudnall and Wally Kendig
Ready to eat
Nancy and Jay Nelson
Melissa Rogers and Kay  Salzetti
Jeff Paige and Al Rogers
Jan and David Small with Stew  Anderson
Jack Siebert, Ron Salzetti and Tony  Zarifis
Dick Scoville (back), Monica Burke  and Cheryl Newton
Frank Fitzpatrick and Vincent  Caporusso
Carol Best and Larry McGrail

The Southern California HCSC Club staged their annual Christmas Luncheon on Saturday, December 3 at the well reviewed Vintage Steak House in San Juan Capistrano, CA. Located adjacent to the Amtrak Train Station, this popular dining location has been serving the citizens of South Orange County for decades.


Recently installed HCSC President Gerri Burt arrived at the restaurant early with her husband Wayne to greet club members and guests. Former business associates and their friends began arriving a little before 11 AM, exchanging stories of adventures and travels that they wanted to share from the past 12 months. More than 50 guests packed in to the private room that VP of Activities Ron Salzetti had made arrangements for. The restaurant had previously beautifully decorated the room with trees and lights and holiday garland. Cocktails, wine and nonalcoholic beverages were available from the restaurant bar.

Shortly after noon, Burt let the club know that the restaurant staff was going to start serving lunch. Salzetti and Burt had worked with the restaurant on a choice of five entrees for the club for lunch, with Steak narrowly edging out the Special Pork Chop and Filet of Chicken. A special House Salad with French Rolls preceded lunch, with a Gelato and Iced Cup Cake Creation capping off the meal. Red and white wine were available throughout the meal.

Members and guests arrived from near and far to attend. Brad and Charlotte Ferguson drove down from Clovis, CA a journey of over 270 miles. They ran in to some problems on Interstate 5, and as a result arrived a little late for lunch. Kudos to the Fergusons for fighting through the traffic to join their HCSC friends.

Roger Hanson and guest Barbara Stukki drove in from Heritage Palms in not so near Palm Springs. Also coming in from Palm Springs were Ross and Marilyn Willour and Wayne Harmon with his guest Lu Niesley. Stew Anderson and his wife Diane drove down from Spring Valley Lake near Victorville, CA in the High Desert.

Dick Scoville and his guest Monica Burke drove down from Simi Valley, a relatively brisk 100 miles or so. Ron Salzetti and his wife Kay drove up from Carlsbad to dine with the group. Another Carlsbad resident, past President Mark Schultz, also came up. Some members like Wally Kendig and his guest Diane Green along with Jack and Helene Siebert made the commute from Burbank, CA to San Juan Capistrano which sounds easy on paper. But when you think about traveling 75 miles on Southern California streets and highways on a Saturday in December, you quickly realize what a daunting task that is.

After lunch, Foundation Secretary Larry Noble brought the club up to speed on foundation activities in 2016. The good news is that the number of former JCPenney associates that are now being helped is larger again. Noble also relayed an interaction that he and Salzetti had with current JCPenney CEO Marvin Ellison at the national convention in San Antonio, TX in September. Ellison had positive comments about the Foundation’s philanthropy and pledged personal support for our activities going forward.

Gerri Burt then presented 50 Year Pins to two people at the lunch who were not able to attend the convention. In San Antonio pins were presented to former associates who had reached 50 years since they first started with the company. Dick Scoville and Roger Hanson were brought to the front of the room to the applause of all the members.

Burt then acknowledged the extra stewardship of past president Mark Schultz who remained the head of the club for an additional 7 months after his term was up. Burt then thanked everyone for attending, gave a brief summary of upcoming activities, and finally wished each of us a joyous holiday season.


MEMBERS AND GUESTS INCLUDED: Stew and Diane Anderson; Carol Best and Larry McGrail; Jo Ann and Greg Bowman; Gerri and Wayne Burt; Vincent Caporusso; Brad and Charlotte Ferguson; Frank and Pat Fitzpatrick; Roger Hanson and Barbara Stukki; Wayne Harmon and Lu Niesley; Ron Hudnall; Wally Kendig and Diane Green; Marilyn Marks; Mirth and Steve Meyer; Jay and Nancy Nelson; Stan and Cheryl Newton; Larry and Cheryl Newton; Les Olander and Helga Osterman; Jeff and Jennifer Paige; Ron and Janice Rhoads; Al and Melissa Rogers; Ron and Kay Salzetti; Mark Schultz; Dick Scoville and Monica Burke; Jack and Helene Siebert; Bill and Martha Shaver; David and Jan Small; Ross and Marilyn Willour; Tony and Veta Zarifis.