Partner's BBQ - Lake Mission Viejo

Saturday, September 12 the Southern California HCSC Social Club convened at Lake Mission Viejo in Mission Viejo, California for their fourth Partner’s BBQ. Forty of the partners participated in a relaxing social afternoon overlooking the Lake. Great food was prepared and presented followed by an opportunity for all present to jump on a pontoon boat for a scenic tour of the lake. Being South Orange County, the scenic lake shared the viewer’s eye with the beautiful and oversized homes that line much of the shore.   


The entire menu was prepared by SoCal members including various hors d’oeuvres, salads, barbecued meats and desserts. Stan Newton, VP Hospitality and Lake Member, along with fellow Lake Members Tony Zarifis and Larry McGrail arranged for the day with the Lake officials. The HCSC party was assigned tables and BBQ’s under the canopy of trees on the North shore. Frank Fitzpatrick, VP Publicity, made the arrangements for much of the food and beverages in the days leading up to the event.


Fitzpatrick, along with President Mark Schultz, handled the barbecuing chores insuring that all had a chance for the medium rare Santa Maria Style Tri-Tips. For those that preferred something other than the Tri-Tip, Pat Fitzpatrick fried over 70 pieces of chicken breasts and chicken legs which were served well seasoned and chilled.


Mark and Audrey Schultz brought tasty jalapeno poppers, and a 4 layer bean dip with tortilla chips for dipping. Cheryl and Stan Newton brought another first course “kielbasa bites” which were enjoyed by all. Melissa and Alan Rogers served up a fruit salad which was most satisfying on this warm summer day.


Pat Fitzpatrick also whipped up a country style potato salad, a 4 bean salad, plus sandwich rolls and creamed horseradish for those eating the tri-tip. Carol Best provided everyone’s favorite “Hot Dogs & Buns” that were a last minute “most welcome” addition to the “Q”.

Gerri Burt’s daughter Krystle prepared 4 dozen luscious cupcakes for after lunch. Pat Fitzpatrick baked 8 dozen of her Chocolate Chip Cookies for the event. Kay and Ron Salzetti provided a “Decadent Chocolate Sheet Cake” which was quickly powered off. Needless to say by late afternoon everyone was very mellow and full of wonderful treats for the palette.


Wayne Burt provided a portable bar all set up and functioning for the afternoon.  It was a very popular spot to congregate and enjoy a refreshment. From the bar, Members enjoyed Vodka Tonics, an assortment of beers and sodas, not to mention a wealth of bottled water, all being chilled by over 100 pounds of ice.


Everyone enjoyed visiting and catching up on the past summer activities. Many had taken wonderful trips and had also enjoyed the activities of their children and grandchildren. Friends were sharing photos and cell phones all afternoon long.


In addition, Larry McGrail brought to the outing an interesting game of chance called “Tumbling Towers”. Many had their chance to conquer it over a cocktail and for sure all had a great time watching as the game unfolded.


Several couples traveled significant distances to attend.  They included:  Phil and Lori Young, Antelope Valley, Ca.;  Dick Scoville, Simi Valley, Ca.;  Ross and Marilyn Willour, and Betty Bidwell, all of Palm Springs, Ca; Mark and Audrey Schultz and Ron and Kay Salzetti from North San Diego County.


The forty members who attended were: Carol Best and Larry McGrail, Betty Bidwell, Wayne and Gerri Burt, Vince Caporusso, Frank and Pat Fitzpatrick, Sandy Gonzales, Barbara and Bob Livingson, Mirth and Steve Meyer, Irene and Pete Miller, Larry and Cheryl Noble, Stan and Cheryl Newton, Les Olander and Helga Osterman, Jeff and Jennifer Paige, Hank Phan, Jim Phillips, Ron and Janice Rhoads, Alan and Melissa Rogers, Ron and Kay Salzetti, Mark and Audrey Shultz, Dick Scoville, Ross and Marilyn Willour, Phil and Lori Young, Tony and Veta Zarifis.


Submitted by Tony Zarifis and Frank Fitzpatrick

Pictures by Wayne Burt.


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