Wayne Burt and Cari Miller
Vincent Caporusso and Pat  Fitzpatrick
Wayne Harmon, Roger Hanson and Lu  Niesley
Vincent Caporusso, Ross Willour and  Al Rogers
Veta and Tony Zarifis with George  Steele
Tony Zarifis and Cathy Scott
Members at Jillians Thursday  Night
Members cue up at the Friday  Breakfast Closing
Cheryl Noble with Stan and Cheryl  Newton
Jim Sivelle and Ross Willour
Jennifer Paige and Sandy  Gonzales
Jim Sivelle, Barbara Stagner and  Cheryl Noble
Jim Sivelle is recognized with  Membership In the CENTURY CLUB presented by President Gerri Burt
Kay Salzetti and Martha Shaver
Les Olander, Jennifer Paige, Jim  Sivelle and Helga Osterman
Larry Noble, Ron Winkler and Roger  Hanson
Jeff and Jennifer Paige alongside  Ken and Susan Dall
Jeannie and Stan Cook alongside  Roger Hanson
Helene and Jack Siebert, Dick  Scoville, and Cheryl and Larry Noble
Helene Siebert and Audrey  Schultz
Al Rogers and Jeff Paige
Gerri Burt and Pat Fitzpatrick
Diane and Stew Anderson flank Sam  Page
Cheryl and Stan Newton with Jim  Sivelle
Betty Bidwell, Pat Fitzpatrick and  Mo Rogers
Cheryl and Stan Newton

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Wayne Burt and Cari Miller