3rd Annual Partner's BBQ - Lake Mission Viejo

Lake Mission Viejo is a reservoir created solely for recreation in Mission Viejo, Orange County, California. The reservoir is formed by an earthfill dam across the canyon of Oso Creek, which is part of the Trabuco Creek and San Juan Creek drainage basin. The lake is not fed by urban runoff; it is maintained so as to be safe for contact. Two beaches are located on the north and east ends of the lake. The lake is annually stocked with fish.

The Landing at Lake Mission Viejo
Vincent Caporusso and Sandy Gonzales
Stan Newton
Sue and George Steele
Lisa and Henry Burt with Al Rogers
Mark Seylar and Larry Noble - Copy
Rons Hudnall, Rhoads and Salzetti - Copy
Lisa and Henry Burt with Al Rogers
Sue and George Steele
Stan Newton and Vincent Caporusso
Jennifer and Jeff Paige - Copy
Mark and Cindy Seylar - Copy
Debbie and Walt Parker - Copy - Copy
George Steele and Dick Scoville - Copy
Greg and JoAnn Bowman - Copy
Doris & Alex Padilla - Copy - Copy
Betty Bidwell and Kelly Thomas - Copy - Copy
Alex Padilla and Ron Hudnall - Copy (2)
Audrey Schultz and Al Rogers - Copy - Copy
Cheryl Newton, Kay Salzetti, Sue Steele, Mo Rogers and  Veta Zarifis - Copy - Copy
President Mark Schultz Works the Grill - Copy
Tumbling Towers Dominates Play Time
Ron Rhoads, Helga Osterman and Mark Seylar - Copy
Veta and Tony Zarifis with Les Olander
Walt & Debbie Parker Dining with Jennifer & Jeff  Paige
Sandy Gonzales and Dick Scoville Recalling Days in The  Glendale, CA Store
Ron Hudnall, Stan and Cheryl Newton - Copy
Ron Rhoads, Helga Osterman and Mark Seylar - Copy
HCSC Members at Various Stages of Lunch - Copy
Kay Salzetti and Sue Steele watch Ron Salzetti Carving Tri  Tip Steaks - Copy
Walt & Debbie Parker Dining with Jennifer & Jeff  Paige
Tumbling Towers Dominates Play Time
Kay Salzetti and Sue Steele watch Ron Salzetti Carving Tri  Tip Steaks - Copy
HCSC Members at Various Stages of Lunch - Copy
Frank and Maren Greytak, Stan Newton, and Lisa and Henry  Burt - Copy - Copy
Frank and Maren Greytak - Copy
Carol Best and Larry McGrail - Copy - Copy
Alan Rogers and Veta Zarifis - Copy - Copy
Al and Melissa Rogers along side Vincent Caporusso


                                      Southern California Mission Viejo Lake Picnic

The Southern California Social Group met at Lake Mission Viejo, California May 21st for the fifth consecutive year. Forty three partners attended the social gathering and picnic overlooking the lake from the Northeast grassy area.  Prior to the partaking of wonderful food, everyone socialized and compared recent travels and family events.  Lake members Stan Newton, Tony Zarifis, and Larry McGrail provided their lake cards which allowed nonmembers  to gain access to this private lake. 

All the picnic food was provided by the Social Club Board Members under the direction of Stan Newton, Vice President, Hospitality.  The members who pitched in  included: Ron and Kay Salzetti, Mark  and Audrey Shultz, Ron and Janice Rhoads, Alan and Melissa Rogers, Stan and Cheryl Newton, Tony and Veta  Zarifis, and Larry and Cheryl Noble.  The menu included  salads, barbequed tri-tip roasts, European style sausages, hot dogs, cookies and a wide variety of beverages. Kay Salzetti  prepared  a special chocolate sheet cake treat which was enjoyed as a special desert. Ron Salzetti and MarK  Schultz  were the master BBQ chefs. 

By popular demand Mark and Audrey Shultz brought their famous hors d’oeuvres including delicious jalapeno poppers and their seven layer bean dip and chips.
After dining, as last year, Larry McGrail brought his “Tumbling Towers” game which is a challenge to the participant and fun to watch.

At the conclusion President Mark Schultz thanked everyone who attended and mentioned some of our upcoming events such as the August 13 Del Mar Race outing in San Diego. 

There were several first time visitors who decided to join the local social club while at the Lake.  Larry Noble, Secretary, supplied them with enrollment forms which were filled out during the gathering.  The new member sign ups were: Henry and Lisa Burt, Apple Valley, Ca., Frank and Maren Greytak, Anaheim, Ca., Alex and Doris Padilla, Oceanside, Ca., Debbie Roberson, Oceanside, Ca., Mark and Cindy Seylar, Carlsbad, Ca. 

The couples who traveled significant distances to attend were:  Betty Bidwell, Palm Springs, Ca., Henry and Lisa Burt, Apple Valley, Ca., Jan and Nancy Nelson, Escondido, Ca.,  Walt and Debi Parker, Woodlands, Texas, Dick  Scoville, Simi Valley. Ca. Several other members attended from the San Diego and Riverside County areas. Worthy of mention was the attendance of 90 year old Lee Ottman who drove up from the San Diego area solo.

Those in attendance: Carol Best and Larry McGrail, Betty Bidwell and Kelly Thomas, JoAnn and Greg Bowman, Henry and Lisa Burt, Vince Caporusso, Sandy Gonzales, Frank and Maren Greytak,  Ron Hudnall, Jay and Nancy Nelson, Larry and Cheryl Noble, Stan and Cheryl Newton, Les Olander and Helga Osterman, Lee Ottman, Alex and Doris Padilla, Jeff and Jenifer Paige, Walt and Debi Parker, Ron and Janice Rhoads, Debbie Robertson, Alan and Melissa Rogers, Ron and Kay Salzetti, Mark and Audrey Schultz, Mark and Cindy Seylar, Dick Scoville, George and Sue Steele, Tony and Veta Zarifis.

Submitted by Tony Zarifis
Pictures by Audrey Schultz and Cheryl Newton


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