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Southern California HCSC Founders Club on Race

Day at the Del Mar Thorough Bred Club

“Where the Turf Meets the Surf “


On Saturday August 13th the Southern California HCSC Social Club watched the thoroughbreds run at beautiful Del Mar, San Diego. The Saturday program included 10 spectacular races.  It was a lovely sunny day at 74 degrees with gentle winds pushing the horses to the finish line. Everyone in attendance enjoyed the fabulous tableside service of the Clubhouse Terrace Restaurant.  The tables for four were shaded by the pavilion roof and they were positioned adjacent to the finish line. There wasn’t a better spot in the 25,000 seat grandstand to watch this latest rendition of the “sport of kings”.

Everyone enjoyed reviewing the day’s racing program along with tip sheets from Bob’s, Duke’s and others. Words and phrases like Daily Double, Exacta and Trifecta started making the rounds in our group. The results win, place, and show are the result of the skill of the jockey as well as the stamina and grace of the thoroughbred. All of these betting combinations were utilized by the group.

The public address announcer, Trevor Denman, kept all in attendance apprised of the status of each race as the steeds negotiated the grass or dirt track. To keep all the horses and riders moving properly in their runs, the track judges and stewards on the roof of the stadium and along the track with the video cameras watched the jockey’s actions closely.  Some finishes were reviewed several times to insure no advantage was taken by the winner.  This is done so the riders perform with respect of their competitors while passing etc.  The discipline is very much like driving cautiously and carefully on a freeway as explained by a track official.

The afternoon program began at 2:05 and concluded at 6:35 pm. 40 members and guests attended.  The travelers coming the farthest were Ron and Ruth Winkler from Melissa, Texas.

The attendees included: Carol Best and Larry McGrail, Wayne and Gerri Burt, Vincent Caporusso, Frank and Pat Fitzpatrick, Don and Vicki Gergovich, Sandy Gonzales, John and Nancy Nelson, Stan and Cheryl Newton, Larry and Cheryl Noble, Les Olander and Helga Osterman, Jeff and Jennifer Paige, Hank Phan, John Pollack, Ron and Janice Rhoads, Kevin and Carmen Rhoads, Alan and Melissa Rogers, Ron and Kay Salzetti, Mark and Audrey Schultz, Mark and Cynthia Seyler, Ron and Ruth Winkler, Tony and Veta  Zarifis.


Submitted by Tony Zarifis

Photos courtesy of Wayne Burt