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The HCSC Foundation was created for the sole purpose of assisting JC Penney associates that have fallen on hard times. To date, the Foundation has distributed over five million dollars in assistance.

Please click on the link above to learn more about this benevolent organization, its history, and stories of how many Penney associates have been helped over the years.


First and foremost, we are a social club based in Southern California.  The only commonality is that all of our members have worked for JCPenney. Joining the HCSC Alumni club is a lot of fun.  It is a chance to "build on" or continue associations that first developed in the workplace.  No matter what team you were a member of, relationships can now be nurtured in the relaxed enviornment of of this group and its many social activities. Our only qualification is that you worked for JCPenney, regardless of your position and left "standing tall".  Our first year membership is FREE and allows you to see what we are all about.


The club stands for having a great amount of comradery with a heavy measure of fun.  We usually plan four 'get together' events a year starting with our Spring Fling in Palm Springs, held in mid-February.  We follow that up with a late Spring, early Summer Event, a Fall Event, and end the year with our traditional Christmas party.  Attendance to the events is not required, but we highly encourage you to drop in on one or two events throughout the year as schedules permit.  Many of our events are available to those attending for the first time "free".

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